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The word "MIESTA" is an old belarusian synonym for the word "city" and citizens called themselves "miescičy"

Stories of Miesta Polatsk

About the history of Polatsk

Polatsk is the Belarusian towns' father. If a Belarusian imagined that Polatsk had never existed on Earth, he would most likely feel empty and rootless

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For Polatsk guests and citizens

Along with being a place with information from historical books, miesta.by is supposed to provide creative people of whatever age the possibility to publish their photo-stories or text-stories

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miesta.by makes its first steps, so not everything has been implemented yet what it's supposed to provide. This site needs some resources and cooperation, so your ideas or proposals are welcome. Please, send your materials if you like the idea of this site. People's creativity is what it is going to show